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Are you living a valued life? The Bull's Eye

The Bull's Eye Exercise, developed by Swedish Acceptance and Commitment therapist, Tobi as Lundgren, can help us to see if our life is in line with our values.

Here's how it works:

  1. Start by thinking about what truly matters most to you in different areas of your life (for example, work, relationships, physical and mental health and personal growth).

  2. Then, think about how you are living in each of those areas.

  3. If how you are living (your actions or non-action) lines up with what matters to you (your values), put a point near the bull's eye.

  4. If how you are living is not exactly in line with your values, put the point further toward the outside of the diagram.

I like to break it down even further and look at specific relationships and situations, then ask myself, "Am I acting like the person I want to be in this relationship or situation?"

From here, you can start to explore what is getting in the way of you living how you want to be living and begin to find actions, goals, and changes that bring you closer to your valued center.

Mindfully Yours,



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