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Water Paddles

Mindful Kayaking


Lasalle, Quebec

July 20th, 2024

10:30am to 1pm


Mindful Kayaking

At this event, we will use various mindfulness techniques to fully embrace our sensory experience on the water. We will teach you some kayaking basics and then head out for a mindful adventure on the Saint-Lawrence River. During our kayak, we will guide you through various mindfulness practices on the water.

Kayaking along the Saint Lawrence River

We will be kayaking along the beautiful Saint Lawrence River.

We will be in very stable kayaks that lightly rock back and forth with the waves.

There is a slight current. 


The Plan

  • 10h30 Meet at Navi between Navi and the Quai (see map)

  • Guided lesson on the doc to learn how to kayak

  • Get into the kayaks and practice paddling

  • Guided meditation on the water

  • Guided kayaking near the river bank

  • Guided kayak adventure across part of the river (optional)

  • 1:00pm Closing remarks and discussion

What is included with your reservation

Your reservation includes your kayak rental, paddle and life jacket (PFD).

It also includes, a kayaking lesson, guided mindfulness exercises on the water, and coaching on anxiety and fear related to being on water (for those who are new to the sport or nervous about being on the water).

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elo on footpath.jpg

Practical Information

In the case of rain or other poor weather, the event will be rescheduled. If you are not available on the new date, you will receive a full refund.


  • Registering here for the event reserves you a kayak. You do not need to rent separately.

  • If you are bringing your own kayak (and not renting a kayak from NAVI), please register on the website for a $15 fee. A kayak will not be provided for you in this case. Be sure to bring your own life jacket/PFD and paddle.

  • Kayaks are all single-person.

  • Please arrive at 10:30am and plan to be on the water around 11am until 1pm.

  • Bear in mind that you kayak at your own risk. I am not a kayaking expert nor a lifeguard.

  • We will show you some basics but it is up to you to stay safe.

  • We also recommend that you bring a bottle of water, sunscreen, and hat to keep the sun off your head.

  • Water will probably drip onto you from your paddle so expect to get wet.

TRANSPORTATION: the meeting place is accessible by public transport (metro and bus).

For carpooling please email Moire at

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