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A Snapshot of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is based on helping individuals live how they want to be living. In ACT we try to help people be more flexible psychologically and less stuck in patterns of thoughts and behaviours.

The Hexaflex below from Nesh Nikolic shows the six core principles of ACT in one simple image.

I love this particular diagram because it is comprehensive with clear descriptions of each of the principles.

You can find articles related to each of these principles on my blog:

For more on the Present Moment, check out: Mindfulness is in the Senses, and Self Observation is the Key to Mindfulness

For more on Experiential Acceptance, check out: Are You Willing? and Choosing a Direction - The Choice Point

For a guided practice of these techniques, consider signing up for one of my outdoor wellness retreats.

Mindfully Yours,



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